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X-rays ● CT scans ● MRI scans ● Ultrasound

For time-constrained fighters, athletes, performers, digital nomads and expats. ShareMyXray enables you to request your imaging quickly and view your xrays online.

Simple onward sharing for follow up care or second opinions lets you take control of your healthcare, as well as easily keeping friends and family informed.

How to view medical records online

Register & Invite

Register your firm and Invite hospitals through the app. When they confirm, you'll get notified. Only needed once per hospital.

Fulfil 'CD' request

Request online or by letter. The hospital fulfills requests by clicking a "Fulfill 'CD' request" button and uploading the patient's images.

Expert Opinion

Send the imaging to your expert witness. It's instant. They get notified and download full-fidelity images and original reports.

Simplified Billing

Crystal clear reporting lets you allocate disbursements quickly and accurately. We charge the hospitals' Freedom of Information fee on their behalf and make the onward payment.




Mesothelioma? Breast imaging?

ShareMyXray is perfect for time-critical cases such as mesothelioma or breast cancer litigation.


Get rid of CDs to reduce turnaround times - watch the video to see how it works.


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How it worksNot a patient?